Ryan Shafi / Media / Blackburn College 2012

This is the personal Blog of Ryan Shafi, 18, Blackburn, England. Currently studying Pre-Degree Media at Blackburn College.

I will be using this blog to document my progress throughout 2012/2013 on the Pre-Degree Media course at Blackburn College and hopefully after as I go onto University. This blog will contain my thoughts and opinions on various pictures, videos and the course I am doing itself.

Awesome video, would be good to do a short film like this.

Amazing video and good source of inspiration.

(via trecreative)

The Battle of JutlandĀ 

"This painting was presented to the corporation of Darwen ‘by an Anonymous friend’ in 1920. The painting was moved to the Blackburn Museum in 1974, when Darwen ceased to exist as an independent council." - www.cottontown.org

The reason I decided to do a Soundscape on this piece was because as soon as I looked at it I couldn’t help but wonder what it would have been like to be in such a place, the noises, the smells and constant action surrounding you. I came up with a list of sounds here’s a few; screaming, cannons balls whistling through the air, waves crashing, explosions and fire crackling.